7 Top Questions We Get Asked About Building A Home

We've gathered the 7 most common questions we receive about the home construction process. From budgeting and timelines to design choices and house and land packages, we've got the answers you need.

Let's answer some common questions you might have about house and land packages.

  1. What is a house and land package?
House and land packages involve obtaining two loans, typically combined into a fixed price. The first is a mortgage for the land, and the second is a construction loan for building the house. Once approved for the construction loan and construction begins, lenders make incremental payments at different stages of the building process. These payments are usually sent directly to the builder. During construction, repayments are typically interest-only, gradually increasing as the build progresses since the loan balance increases as more funds are disbursed to the builder.
  1. How does a house and land package work?
When you choose a house and land package, you’re essentially buying a piece of land along with a pre-designed home. The package usually includes the cost of construction, so you’ll work with a builder to create your home on the chosen land. 
  1. Can I customise the home design?
Many house and land packages offer the option to customise certain aspects of the home design, such as finishes, fixtures, and colours. However, the extent of customisation may vary depending on the package and the builder.
  1. Do I need to secure financing separately for the land and home construction?
Typically, you can secure financing for both the land and home construction together as part of the package. We can work with you to provide comprehensive financing solutions. 
  1. What is the timeline for building a house and land package?
The timeline varies depending on factors such as the builder’s schedule, customisation requirements, and weather conditions. On average, it can take several months to a year from signing the contract to moving into your new home. 
  1. Are there government incentives for buying a house and land package?
Government incentives such as grants might be available for first-time home buyers, but they can vary by location and change over time. Contact us directly to unravel the eligibility prerequisites in your state and discover the potential grant amount. Remember, each house and land package is unique, so it’s essential to thoroughly research and ask specific questions to ensure the package aligns with your goals and preferences.

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