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Who We Are

Established in 2000, SJ Financial Services has been a trusted presence in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. In 2020, our reach expanded nationwide with Car Loan Hunter, specialising in asset and personal loans. Now, as LoanHaus, we unify these services to be your reliable partner for all your loan needs. While our name has changed, our commitment to providing you with exceptional financial solutions remains unwavering.

The Team

Sandra Jeffery

Managing Director

Meet Sandra, the visionary behind LoanHaus. Sandra’s journey began in 2000 with SJ Financial Services in Newcastle, expanded nationally with Car Loan Hunter in 2020, and now unites both brands to offer holistic services at LoanHaus. Beyond the world of finance, Sandra begins her mornings with inspiring rituals. Whether it’s a serene yoga session, a stroll along the beach or meditation, these morning routines set the tone for a day filled with focus, purpose, and the drive to bring the best to our clients.

Jaymee Williams

Mortgage Broker

Introducing Jaymee, our Mortgage Broker at Loanhaus. Jaymee brings with her a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for helping individuals, families, and business owners achieve their financial dreams. Beyond her inspiring attitude and finance expertise, Jaymee’s life extends far beyond the office walls. She’s deeply rooted in her community, thriving among friends, family, and beloved animals. With over 15 years of experience as a Netball Coach, she’s not just a broker but a mentor in her own right, making a significant impact on and off the field.

Loren Williams

Finance Broker

Loren bridges dreams and reality, turning aspirations into tangible financial solutions. Beyond her work, Loren’s active lifestyle, from cooking up delicious creations to enjoying the beach and brisk walks with her dogs, compliments her vibrant personality. At LoanHaus, Loren is not just a team member; she’s a dream weaver, problem solver, and champion of your financial goals, ensuring that your journey is not just easy but delightful.

Sasha Karaitiana

Finance Broker

Sasha’s exceptional talent and dedication make her the magic touch behind turning dreams into reality. Sasha has a knack for understanding her client’s needs and helping them find the best financial solutions. Outside of work, Sasha is a talented musician & singer. She finds joy in entertaining friends and family with her soulful tunes and cherishing moments with her furry companions & playing rugby league tag.

Angie Jeffery

Broker support & Marketing

Angie is the newest addition to our team and the daughter of Sandra. With a passion for helping people, Ange embarks on this exciting journey in finance & marketing. Despite her youth, Angie’s talent, energy, and infectious enthusiasm are inspiring. We’re thrilled to witness her dedication unfold. Her presence adds a dynamic touch to our team, a reminder of the bright future that lies ahead for her.

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