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LoanHaus is powering the future of driving with our selection of green car loans. Feel empowered and make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing style and efficiency. Take the hassle out of finding the right green car loan by getting in touch with LoanHaus today. 

The ins and outs of green car loans in Australia, what you need to know

As the country takes great strides toward sustainability, electric and hybrid vehicles have surged in popularity. And if you’re thinking about trading out your old car for a more eco-friendly alternative, you’ve come to the right place. LoanHaus specialises in sourcing competitive and low-cost green car loans for clients, allowing them to hit the road in style. 

What is a green car loan?

A green car loan, or electric car loan, is a type of car loan that can only be used to purchase a new or used electric or hybrid vehicle. To qualify and apply for a green car loan in Australia, the vehicle you want to purchase must meet certain environmental standards. 

In Australia, green car loans can vary, with each lender offering their own loan solution. LoanHaus is your trusted partner in finding the right green car loan for your circumstances. We tap into our wide lender pool of big banks, smaller credit unions and everything else in between to ensure you receive the best solution. 

The four benefits of using a green car loan to fund your purchase

Embrace a smarter, cleaner way to drive with a green car loan from LoanHaus. By opting to go green with your vehicle, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Lower interest rates — Benefit from competitively lower interest rates than those offered on conventional car loans. Having access to a reduced interest rate can ease the financial burden of purchasing a vehicle, allowing you to save money on monthly payments.

Environmental incentives — Take advantage of unique incentives only available for purchasers of green vehicles. For instance, many lenders may waive certain application fees or offer additional perks to reward borrowers for their commitment to sustainability. 

Broad eligibility — Our green car loans are accessible for various vehicles and buyer circumstances. Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand-new electric car or a pre-owned hybrid, our loans are tailored to include various types of environmentally friendly vehicles. 

Contribute to sustainability — By opting for a green vehicle, you play a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions and conserving natural resources. Every green vehicle on the road contributes to less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint,  

Ready to apply? Start our three-step application process 

Applying for a green car loan is made simple with LoanHaus. Learn more about our three-step application process:

  • Select your application method — Choose the way you prefer to apply for your green car loan: either conveniently online using our streamlined quote form or by giving us a call directly.
  • Connect with your personal consultant — After you start your application, we’ll pair you with a personal consultant. This dedicated expert will assist you at every stage, ensuring you get the most competitive green car loan. They’ll handle the details of your application and navigate the paperwork to ensure a smooth transaction. 
  • Rapid approval — Our efficient approval process means you’re closer than ever to achieving your financial goals. Apply today and enjoy a seamless and practical path to securing your green car loan.

Trust LoanHaus for competitive and affordable green car loans

Simplify your journey to accessing a low-cost green car loan with LoanHaus. Apply today and experience a dedicated loan service backed by years of experience. For more information about green car loans, please contact us today.


A green car loan is a specialised car loan designed to assist with the purchase of an environmentally friendly vehicle, like an electric or hybrid car. Depending on the lender, green car loans in Australia may come with lower interest rates and other financial incentives to encourage the purchase of more sustainable vehicles.

While standard car loans and green car loans are advertised with the same features, such as interest rate, fees and repayment features, a green car loan primarily focuses on purchasing eco-friendly vehicles. On the other hand, a car loan allows borrowers to purchase a wide range of vehicles, like a new or used car, caravan or motorcycle.

While eligibility for a green car loan can vary between lenders, some of the most common criteria ask that borrowers have a good credit history, stable employment and sufficient income to cover loan repayments. As this is a specialised car loan, borrowers must also purchase a vehicle that meets the lender’s specific environmental standards to qualify for the green incentives.

In Australia, vehicles eligible for green car loans typically include electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). It’s important to note that the vehicle you are interested in purchasing must meet specific environmental standards regarding emissions and efficiency before you can apply for the loan.


Some lenders also extend these loans to other highly efficient or low-emission vehicles, including certain petrol and diesel models that exceed environmental benchmarks.

Yes, you can use a green car loan to purchase a used electric vehicle in many cases. If you are interested in purchasing a second-hand electric vehicle, the team at LoanHaus can work with you to find the most suitable electric car loan for your goals.

To apply for a green car loan in Australia, you typically need proof of identity, income verification, employment details and documentation of residence for the application. You may also be required to provide details of the vehicle to the lender to prove it meets the environmental criteria for the loan and other lender-specific requests.

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